7 great ideas to play with your kids (show notes)

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Welcome to Gr8t dad podcast Episode 3 show notes

Today’s episode we will be talking about 7 great ideas you could use to play with your kids.

Play as an activity was always a fun activity that we did when we were younger. Daydreaming, creating a world of fighting dragons or being Police and bank robbers. An other worldly adventure that is no different for our kids today.

It is important that children can enjoy these activities with structure & safety in mind because a child learns and explore an activity best when playing under supervision.

How to help a child not fear it’s environment is with Presence. A child’s security is dependent on your presence because it (child) gets it’s strength to explore the world through you, thanks to you. Enjoy these moments with your kids by participating in 7 great activities that you can do with your kids.


Acting out a role for the child, learning the structure and approach to certain situations and assessing with the child what went right, what could be improved with knowledge on how this affects the real world without the real world consequences. (ie Doctor / Patient, Police / Bank Robber or Bully / Bullied ) This helps the child rehearse for a role and prepares them for the real world through play.


The use of puppets are a great way to stoke conversation with children, especially about difficult topics that it doesn’t feel comfortable to speak with another person about. From a store bought puppet or an oven mitt.

Never underestimate the power of conversation through play because this helps the child’s ability to build its vocabulary and capacity to have a real discussions without the feel of judgement.

5 senses game

The 5 senses being Touch, Taste, Sight, Hear and Smell are things that you can play with, enhancing the child’s cognitive development and reinforces key skills that they will need in the future.
Games that play with illusions, taste test, echo-location, smooth or rough test or olfactory tests help them understand the world we live in and how it is all interconnected.

Board Games

An excellent choice of activity when the rainy days come or days of being snowed in. The games played together allows for an activity to fill in the time and helps your child understand rules, game-play and process and learning how to argue one’s point effectively.

Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities are great to enjoy some fresh air and soaking up some vitamins from the Sun. It also put your child into contact with other children and whom they can get together and play. It also presents the child with the possibility to explore the world, looking at the different elements and observing natural occurrences. Allowing them to get dirty builds their immune system’s defense thanks to the frequent contact.

Musical instruments

Study after study has proven that having children learn an instrument helps their capability to solve problems in a creative ways, academically more versatile and socially more disciplined and patient. Playing a musical instrument has many benefits of timing with hand-eye coordination which is essential to everyday life. Giving purpose on why music is great helps also you to play along, even if you are beginning.


Play fighting or playing rough can sound counter intuitive when it comes to a healthy child’s development. Consider that mock combat has benefits to control impulses, release of stress along with a healthy dose of family/friendly bonding. It also gives the children with a possibility to gauge one’s strength and how to control it in a safe manner.

It is hard being a parent but parenting shouldn’t be hard. It is crucial for parents to know that there are resources available for them to use and free to consult when there is uncertainty or doubt. The best thing to do is stop, review and try again. Don’t feel bad if your first attempt doesn’t work. It happens to us all at one point or another.



Posts provided with reference for your convenience.

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