The 3 things overtime doesn’t buy back

Welcome back fellow readers!

It has been a hectic year which I was occupied during a literal supply chain hell. If Covid, Lockdown and Suez Canal don’t ring the bell, then you’ve been living in a cave and in for a rude awakening.

During this time, I have invested many hours to make the chain of supply work and function as best as it could despite the situation which weighs heavier on everyone as it prolongs itself like a bad soap opera..

The hardest decision I made was placing my family on the sidelines so the boat doesn’t flounder during these….complicated times.

I can now say that this was an ill-invested endeavor which I undertook.

For a year now, I have been raging against a menace at work; the extra hours I dug the trenches in the hopes to keep the line from falling. Little did I know, the line fell long before I received the communique and now I am behind enemy lines.

This is a friendly reminders to all the friendlies out-there that we are pawns on the board, long decided to be canon fodder and expendable at a moments notice.

Don’t believe that the overtime that you funnel your time and energy will spare you from the rat race of the ivory tower. To consecrate that god-given gift to something which is beneath your values is a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the soul. This is a slow death for anyone and is equivalent to selling your soul to the devil himself. What for?

You can come up with the usual suspects; family and security, success or self-gratifying jerk of the shtick. You name it.

The biggest culprit in ; ego.

It is often said that the ego has a mind of it’s own and I truly believe this. Out of the many things we have done in our lifetime, would we have acted differently if we were emotionally divest? The answer has often surprised me and I think I am not alone with this assumption.

Now turning to the victim of these decisions, it doesn’t take a mad genius to know what suffers.

  1. physical health

The first thing that your long hours at the desk can impact is your health. Nothing can kill a healthy man (or woman, or person…whatever is your thing….) faster than immobility. The long hours of staring in the abyss we call the computer screen and burning up the many precious minutes for useless meetings and conference calls. Granted, there are important meetings that we should not miss and should be manageable to fit in your “normal” working hours. However, we always believe that the hours working extra will bring us extra mileage. As far as my experience goes, it doesn’t. I am guilty of this crimes against families and something else; taking the bloody work with me home. what suffers?

How does this correlate to your health? It quite simple. When we work those extra hours, we could of been investing in something worthwhile. Not necessarily family but something for us. We all need an outlet to vent and to deescalate the day at work. Proven to be reinforcing the immune system and increasing the levels of happiness and fulfillment.

These activities can include;

  • Gym/sports
    • Not watching it but granted, it does provide a good distraction
  • Hobbies
    • Martial Arts / boxing
    • Bowling
    • hunting
    • carpentry
    • races (long distance runs or Triathlons)

This is just to mention a few and there are a great deal of other activities that will make you enjoy life more and not worry about the challenges that we are facing daily.

Now looking back now and connecting the dots, I realize it wasn’t necessary in the end. It is never too late to start. It doesn’t matter what you start or when. What matters is that you start.

2. Mental health

Mental health is an unspoken taboo which is only growing due to the increasing anxiety caused by the pandemic. With governments decreeing laws on vaccines and political and social unrest that follow. Plus work is making you worried about the future of the job and all the backlogs in everything is surely making everyone…well, mad.

Burn out is an increasing epidemic among males. Higher number of males are consuming recreational drugs and alcohol in order to cope/escape the deep emotions of powerlessness. The families will feel this and in consequence, the work is “coming home with you”. Worse then a virus, you can’t relieve a home of problems at work and it is highly recommended to do the above mentioned activities above in order to flip the switch in that skull of yours. Parents, this is especially true for your young children who are witness to your toils and tribulations. When they watch you suffer, they will believe in their minds that this isn’t for them and that work is a terrible, awful thing that only causes misery. (truthfully, this is the case for a grand majority of people working.)

There is a movement taking root now within organizations to combat the effect of stress and prevent burnout. The growing number of people who can enjoy the fruits of such labors and share to spread the vitality resilient employees and how this ethos can help build a strong foundation within a new or open company.

3. Spiritual health

In a world of diverse creeds, the greatest tragedy is the person who lost all belief or hope that there is a future. A slow decaying death from within is hard to watch and yet, we cannot help but wonder what would push someone to let themselves fall into the abyss.

I personally believe that the idea of God has been played in too many ways which can confuse and enrage people because of the lack of faith in the Supreme power.

Could it be that the belief we have of God is ridiculous? Perhaps.

Can it be possible that the doctrine handed down for generations are methods of manipulating the masses? It is likely.

However when we feel God, can we not help but acknowledge his presence within?

It may be sacrilegious what I am writing. Yet, witnessing the many trials and challenges, I could have faltered, most certainly. I was the lost sheep who was separated from the flock. It was God though who came and brought me back in his arms.

There was a time that I believed I wasn’t worthy of His love. What I failed to see was, his love was me.

Learn to act in love and to love with action.

In conclusion, we are all suffering. While we suffer, we can conjure the strength to make our lives tolerable by finding meaning while we create our path to peace.