The incredible story told from the littlest hero

Waking up in a crowded amusement park, I sat there looking ahead with the mass of beings which stream around me with an orderly chaos. You hear laughter, sometimes screams, but that’s okay, because that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Tucked and stuffed in the middle of the shelves, exposed to the open ogle of these creatures that we call humans.

My initial thoughts were that these people were crazy.

Some were thin, others were thicker and rare to see the extreme, who can’t fit in the picture.

Of course my thoughts were of my own and I saw nothing but strangeness, from young to grown.

It has been weeks that I look and attracting and not one came, though its understanding.

I am a monkey, not real monkey but a stuffed monkey with brown pelts and funny tail. Maybe I am a spider monkey or something or sorts yet it doesn’t matter because it’s quite silly.

“Oh oh” I whisper, wincing at a lardy pimply short haired blond kid. “there is trouble afoot”

With due cause, this kid that we see is Lardo, a massively overweight behemoth with a terrifying side-kick. Goliath. A tiger-ish looking pit bull and both were scary to be with.

Looking at this kid, I was sure he would rip the wings off of flies and impale them on cactus thorn. I don’t know why I think this or how I come to this but this guy was not one I wanted to get caught with.

Truth be told though, I was more worries about his hell hound. I’ve seen from far how Lardo would win my clone only to be ripped to shreds by his hell pet. Seeing Hell hound coughing up the cotton balls once he’s finished made me shutter and turned my insides cold.

Luckily for me, I was spared this fate.

I was watching these Sapians playing “Dunk the bastard ” where one (un)lucky volunteer sat on a plank and would get a drink after someone from the audience his the target. I loved this game because there was always some jack-ass who forgot to take out his phone.

I saw this funny looking couple, seemed to be engaged in some discussion because it looked like the lady was eager for some action. The man showed little interest. She was coax and coy the man to pay the piper and saw on the plank. I swear, this was always fun to see couple together smashing each other into the drink. This one though, I was particularly fond of. The lady who was with the man was…well proportioned…with brown curly hair and nothing but bubbly enthusiasm.

I somehow knew that our destinies would be intertwined.

The thinly gaunt and pale man sat on the board and started to laugh at the woman. Nagging and teasing her with his repeated “you miss” The funny faces he made hurtled my side because I laughed out loud quietly.

The lady who he called “Asia”, would turn purple with anger and closed her left eye and took careful aim. She froze on the spot for a brief moment and then she cocked her arm back and whipped the final ball with precision. The speed was unmistakable, she wanted blood. I saw that look before on other contestants and they rarely missed. Landing on the lever, it triggered the chair to drop the man into the tank. He vengeance was complete.

After her teasing him at length followed by a dry-off session, she came to claim her prize.

“I like this one” said the woman after the carny asked which prize she wanted.

I gazed out, seeing the tip of the finger at my buttoned nose.

Here you go Missy. Congratulations on “dumping ” your man. Grinning from ear to ear, it was clear he was hitting on her and she giggled excitedly on the pun.

Her man who she called Tim, wasn’t amused and smiled begrudgingly as the prize was handed out.

As the day wound down, I was held tightly in the woman’s arms and enjoyed the ride I was getting. I’ve never seen beyond the booth before and observing the carnies suckering the numerous hopefuls getting a prize, I was happy to be won by this couple.

As darkness fell and the lights shone brightly, Tim and Asia decided to retire to a restaurant with me still tucked in her arm. Parading me as if I was a hard fought conquest.

Sitting down beside her as they ate, Tim wanted to know what would she do with me. “You know Asia, I think Umai would just shred that toy to bits if he should get him in his jaws”

“Oh hell no” protested Asia, Grabbing a hold of me and squeezing me tightly, I can only assume that Umai was another Hell hound as I’ve seen before. Her gentle squeeze on my beanie body was an enormous comfort.

“I love this monkey” Now she is smothering me to the point that the laces in my neck is started to stretch a little too far too my liking.

“Besides, I have someone in mind who would love it” finally releasing me from our choke hold, I was laid beside her and at ease.

Thinking to myself with a sigh of relief, that I will not be in the same household as the demon dog she mentioned and someone who would love me as I am. Though it pained me the idea to