The incredible story told from the littlest hero

Waking up in a crowded amusement park, I sat there looking ahead with the mass of beings which stream around me with an orderly chaos. You hear laughter, sometimes screams, but that’s okay, because that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Tucked and stuffed in the middle of the shelves, exposed to the open ogle of these creatures that we call humans.

My initial thoughts were that these people were crazy.

Some were thin, others were thicker and rare to see the extreme, who can’t fit in the picture.

Of course my thoughts were of my own and I saw nothing but strangeness, from young to grown.

It has been weeks that I look and attracting and not one came, though its understanding.

I am a monkey, not real monkey but a stuffed monkey with brown pelts and funny tail. Maybe I am a spider monkey or something or sorts yet it doesn’t matter because it’s quite silly.

“Oh oh” I whisper, wincing at a lardy pimply short haired blond kid. “there is trouble afoot”

With due cause, this kid that we see is Lardo, a massively overweight behemoth with a terrifying side-kick. Goliath. A tiger-ish looking pit bull and both were scary to be with.

Looking at this kid, I was sure he would rip the wings off of flies and impale them on cactus thorn. I don’t know why I think this or how I come to this but this guy was not one I wanted to get caught with.

Truth be told though, I was more worries about his hell hound. I’ve seen from far how Lardo would win my clone only to be ripped to shreds by his hell pet. Seeing Hell hound coughing up the cotton balls once he’s finished made me shutter and turned my insides cold.

Luckily for me, I was spared this fate.

I was watching these Sapians playing “Dunk the bastard ” where one (un)lucky volunteer sat on a plank and would get a drink after someone from the audience his the target. I loved this game because there was always some jack-ass who forgot to take out his phone.

I saw this funny looking couple, seemed to be engaged in some discussion because it looked like the lady was eager for some action. The man showed little interest. She was coax and coy the man to pay the piper and saw on the plank. I swear, this was always fun to see couple together smashing each other into the drink. This one though, I was particularly fond of. The lady who was with the man was…well proportioned…with brown curly hair and nothing but bubbly enthusiasm.

I somehow knew that our destinies would be intertwined.

The thinly gaunt and pale man sat on the board and started to laugh at the woman. Nagging and teasing her with his repeated “you miss” The funny faces he made hurtled my side because I laughed out loud quietly.

The lady who he called “Asia”, would turn purple with anger and closed her left eye and took careful aim. She froze on the spot for a brief moment and then she cocked her arm back and whipped the final ball with precision. The speed was unmistakable, she wanted blood. I saw that look before on other contestants and they rarely missed. Landing on the lever, it triggered the chair to drop the man into the tank. He vengeance was complete.

After her teasing him at length followed by a dry-off session, she came to claim her prize.

“I like this one” said the woman after the carny asked which prize she wanted.

I gazed out, seeing the tip of the finger at my buttoned nose.

Here you go Missy. Congratulations on “dumping ” your man. Grinning from ear to ear, it was clear he was hitting on her and she giggled excitedly on the pun.

Her man who she called Tim, wasn’t amused and smiled begrudgingly as the prize was handed out.

As the day wound down, I was held tightly in the woman’s arms and enjoyed the ride I was getting. I’ve never seen beyond the booth before and observing the carnies suckering the numerous hopefuls getting a prize, I was happy to be won by this couple.

As darkness fell and the lights shone brightly, Tim and Asia decided to retire to a restaurant with me still tucked in her arm. Parading me as if I was a hard fought conquest.

Sitting down beside her as they ate, Tim wanted to know what would she do with me. “You know Asia, I think Umai would just shred that toy to bits if he should get him in his jaws”

“Oh hell no” protested Asia, Grabbing a hold of me and squeezing me tightly, I can only assume that Umai was another Hell hound as I’ve seen before. Her gentle squeeze on my beanie body was an enormous comfort.

“I love this monkey” Now she is smothering me to the point that the laces in my neck is started to stretch a little too far too my liking.

“Besides, I have someone in mind who would love it” finally releasing me from our choke hold, I was laid beside her and at ease.

Thinking to myself with a sigh of relief, that I will not be in the same household as the demon dog she mentioned and someone who would love me as I am. Though it pained me the idea to

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10 awesome books I enjoyed listening on Audible

Ever wondered what book you want to listen when on the go?

It sometimes happens to me and more often then not, I feel happier with a good choice of a book instead of listening to the radio channel all day long everyday and the marketing complex which fuels our urge to shoot the radio with our fist. (there, I said it)

Luckily for me, Audible has a wide range of books which can tickle my fancy. Over the years, I amassed a collection in my library which I love to share my thoughts and feelings on the different books.

Some books are well known while others are a little less talked about.

Here are my top 10 books which I loved to listen to.

10- Find Another Dream by Maysoon Zayid

I Particularly liked this Audiobook because this was a refreshing story and how it was put together. Talking about her background with cerebral palsy and how she managed to get ahead of many and dared to venture where few would dare. This was a nice listen and highly recommend to watch her Ted Talk at

9- The Big Nine: How the Tech Titans and Their Thinking Machines Could Warp Humanity
by Amy Webb

8- Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t by Simon Sinek

7- The Code of Trust: An American Counterintelligence Expert’s Five Rules to Lead and Succeed
by Robin Dreeke, Cameron Stauth, Joe Navarro

6- Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five by John Medina

5- The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change – Stephen R. Covey

4- The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

3- Training the Samurai Mind: A Bushido Sourcebook – Thomas Cleary

2-David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants – Malcolm Gladwell

Honorable Mentions:

1- Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It – Chris Voss

Reiki Principle 4: Work with honesty & integrity

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Reiki Principle 4: Work with honesty & integrity–integrity-e43i05

12 years to Genesis

Today’s talk will be about my origin story and how I fit all of this in the now.

7 great ideas to play with your kids (show notes)

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: 7 great ideas to play with your kids

Welcome to Gr8t dad podcast Episode 3 show notes

Today’s episode we will be talking about 7 great ideas you could use to play with your kids.

Play as an activity was always a fun activity that we did when we were younger. Daydreaming, creating a world of fighting dragons or being Police and bank robbers. An other worldly adventure that is no different for our kids today.

It is important that children can enjoy these activities with structure & safety in mind because a child learns and explore an activity best when playing under supervision.

How to help a child not fear it’s environment is with Presence. A child’s security is dependent on your presence because it (child) gets it’s strength to explore the world through you, thanks to you. Enjoy these moments with your kids by participating in 7 great activities that you can do with your kids.


Acting out a role for the child, learning the structure and approach to certain situations and assessing with the child what went right, what could be improved with knowledge on how this affects the real world without the real world consequences. (ie Doctor / Patient, Police / Bank Robber or Bully / Bullied ) This helps the child rehearse for a role and prepares them for the real world through play.


The use of puppets are a great way to stoke conversation with children, especially about difficult topics that it doesn’t feel comfortable to speak with another person about. From a store bought puppet or an oven mitt.

Never underestimate the power of conversation through play because this helps the child’s ability to build its vocabulary and capacity to have a real discussions without the feel of judgement.

5 senses game

The 5 senses being Touch, Taste, Sight, Hear and Smell are things that you can play with, enhancing the child’s cognitive development and reinforces key skills that they will need in the future.
Games that play with illusions, taste test, echo-location, smooth or rough test or olfactory tests help them understand the world we live in and how it is all interconnected.

Board Games

An excellent choice of activity when the rainy days come or days of being snowed in. The games played together allows for an activity to fill in the time and helps your child understand rules, game-play and process and learning how to argue one’s point effectively.

Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities are great to enjoy some fresh air and soaking up some vitamins from the Sun. It also put your child into contact with other children and whom they can get together and play. It also presents the child with the possibility to explore the world, looking at the different elements and observing natural occurrences. Allowing them to get dirty builds their immune system’s defense thanks to the frequent contact.

Musical instruments

Study after study has proven that having children learn an instrument helps their capability to solve problems in a creative ways, academically more versatile and socially more disciplined and patient. Playing a musical instrument has many benefits of timing with hand-eye coordination which is essential to everyday life. Giving purpose on why music is great helps also you to play along, even if you are beginning.


Play fighting or playing rough can sound counter intuitive when it comes to a healthy child’s development. Consider that mock combat has benefits to control impulses, release of stress along with a healthy dose of family/friendly bonding. It also gives the children with a possibility to gauge one’s strength and how to control it in a safe manner.

It is hard being a parent but parenting shouldn’t be hard. It is crucial for parents to know that there are resources available for them to use and free to consult when there is uncertainty or doubt. The best thing to do is stop, review and try again. Don’t feel bad if your first attempt doesn’t work. It happens to us all at one point or another.

Posts provided with reference for your convenience.

The benefits of Roleplay with kids

Warning: some of the following images contain graphic content. Viewers discretion is advised.

Imagine this scenario. You and your family are gathered together to celebrate for a special occasion. Laughter is plentiful, the pots in the kitchen are simmering and children are having a blast of their lives. All of a sudden, a shriek pierces the room and cuts the festivities down, horror ensues.

Luckily, this was a mock simulation that included my daughter as the traumatized victim. After spending 20 minutes in the “moulage”, she’s ready for action.

Black Eagle ready to go

You may be wondering why all this?

I very well could have given her a bullet point presentation on the dangers in the kitchen and make her aware of the consequences of doing something you shouldn’t do in certain places. Giving her a pet talk on how dangerous things are everywhere and insisting on compliance. Jada Jada Jada.

Sure, it does help giving the talk about these things because prevention is cheaper than correction…and less painful. However, life is life and children will be children and more often than not, they’ll collide.


There isn’t much we can do to stop these two forces of nature from colliding except for preparation and thoughtful awareness. It is a good idea to run the children through drills and simulation, making them involved as victim and rescuer. This achieves a few things:

When someone is aware of his or her duty in the community, they will act accordingly to the play that they’ve rehearsed. Playing the role of rescuers shows what willful acts have as a consequence. Also it shows the tangible and intangible rewards when performing an action. As the victim, it can make them aware of what went wrong and what plan of action is needed to prevent and/or intervene when something goes wrong.

Awareness & Preparation
Such terrible situations can appear when it is least expected. Doing mock simulations instills an awareness of the environment and amplifies the message that; A provokes reaction B, times C, the act under stress, that equals to D, a final outcome (A+B x C =D). It is the “Act” under stress that is, first and foremost, decisive in taking control of the final outcome. By playing out these situation, it will be easier to cope to the level of stress that peaks at these moments and keeps your head clear from the onset of panic.

She is all smiles

Creative activity
Involving my daughter with the moulage was an amazing experience and I enjoyed this as much as she did…okay maybe I enjoyed it a little more. 🙂

Waiting on the final touch

It is important not to scare the living Jesus out of the kids. That is why I explained every step of the way to my girl. Making her understand that each part has a role to play in order to achieve our goal; making it the most realistic experience that may come with play and guidance. She remained in good spirit until the start of the simulation. As she freaked out, I explained what had happened and how this resembles a burn wound we are working on to treat. Than reversing roles and it starts all over.

Explaining each step of the way and guiding her through the parts helped her understand that this was a creative way to play and we were there to learn and have fun


Roleplay is not limited to mock simulations of a catastrophic situation. It can include going to a store to buy milk, purchasing a meal at a fast food restaurant or facing off a bully. Many roles can be played and requires only a little bit of imagination to push the boundaries of development and self control. Play the part for a great start.

I certainly had an amazing time and thanks to my time in the Swiss Army as a Corpsman, I gave a new experience to my daughter that can help her throughout her life and be the light for others to follow.–injury-statistics-and-incidence-rates-90-P02978

Are you backfiring your kids development?

What you think is good for your kids, is probably not

“You can’t be serious, letting our girl learn how to ride the scooter at 3?” my wife protested.  “What if she gets hurt?””of course she will get hurt, but she will get hurt responsibly” I amusingly rebuked. My wife was not amused as I fitted my little girl her butterfly print helmet.Peering over my shoulder and giving my wife the  “I got this” look, making her understand that it’s under control. She reluctantly relinquished and stepped aside to watch. 

It is in these moments as a guardian that you wonder if what you are doing is the right call. Your partner has her valid reason to be concerned, especially when it comes to the welfare of the kid(s). I often hear from protective parents say “I’m afraid that (fill blank).” or “What if (fill blank)” or my personal favorite “Are you out of your (fill blank) mind”Of course doing “Jackass” stunts never came to mind to do. Yet, you do want to up the ante to keep this interesting for the kids. Whether this is to help build self confidence or let kids experiment on running with an idea just for the hell of it. Is it worth it? absolutely because it is through play that kids learn how different things work and what doesn’t.

Variety is the spice of life

I remember my High School English teacher, Mr. Murray,  taught us the above mentioned quote from the 18th century poet, William Cowper. The lesson was about variety and how the diversity brings in all of life’s flavor. This was not limited to food, but to a great deal of things that we can overlook. I didn’t really put much thought into it until I had to face a slew of challenges that required creativity. Believing that Maslow’s golden hammer is the answer to all is a mistake. You are obligated to prepare your kids for the road to life. Different tools are made for different jobs. Some are handed down from parent to child while some are hand-forged by the mighty child itself.  You can help make it happen with 5 strategies that will help your kids grow their minds.

Get down and dirty

Let your kids get in contact with the 5 wonders of the world. Let them discover smell, taste, touch, sound and sight. When immersed, let them explore. Step in only when safety is a real concern. Plan on it that they will get dirty and fast. Please note: Refrain on having them wear cloths that you are not ready to part with…just yet.

Spread their interest

Help your kids explore the different interest that he or she may have. Change the set up and routines so they may experience a new element each time they’re in play mode. Dress up, arts and crafts or sports are all great activities to stimulate the child neural development.

Connect and guide

Developing rapport is crucial to building adaptable human beings. Helping them guide through their emotions and giving these emotions names are vital for children to identify what their feeling and how to express themselves appropriately. Mr. Rogers is a good example to start with.

Encourage generously, Praise sparingly

Helping kids develop in their learning process is quite a walk on the tight rope. We can encourage children to continue their work and applaud on their efforts that they have invested in “I see you have invested a lot of work on this, great effort or keep it up”. However, it is counter intuitive to say “wow, your so smart” or “Your the best”. It sets in the childs mind that he is above average and can streak through the problems with little to no effort. When the time comes that they didn’t do as well as expected, their expectations will churn them inside out. Avoid giving such praises and recognize their efforts with encouragement instead.  

Limit screen time usage

Several studies have indicated that children with a chronic use of smartphone, tablets or other electronic devices have increased risk of sleep disorders and attention deficit because the blue screen emitted by the devices. It disrupts the brain’s pattern to generate melatonin, a hormone that aids to sleep  and hijacks the controls of the brains electrical activity during the deep sleep cycle.  

 As a parent, you can give them the basic tools to start with. You can go a little further and give the tools to grow and build. Ultimately, you can stoke the fires of Hephaestus’s forge and give a gift that will bring wonders.      


3 things to do to raise healthier children and improve relationships

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: 3 things to do to raise healthier children and improve relationships.

Welcome to Gr8t dad podcast Episode 2 show notes

Today’s episode we will be talking about 3 things that helps raise healthier children without compromising your career or relationships.

I often caught myself believing that I was spending more time with my work than with my family. A sentiment that is shared by other Men and Women because the urge to provide for the family is strong.


What would this have as an impact  on children’s behavior? How will the children be like in the future when they begin to work on their own?

The anser can be found in a Drexel University Study lead by Jeff Greenhaus which studied 900 business professionals on the impact of Technoference.


Technoference is a term that describes the interference of technology  in everyday relationships. This includes the use of Television, Smart phones, laptop and computer use.

A similar study of Psychology of popular media culture reported conflicts between couples & family members due to the increase in screen time use.

Lastly, the Drexel University study shows the implication of children behavior and mental health.

Those with behavior problems correlate with parents who cannot block out the interference of work during the time at home.

What this means is the capacity to concentrate quality time with our children without the use of technology and work.

Being aware of this puts you on the path of actionable consciousness, being self aware to start.


What does that all mean? It means seeing yourself for what you do in the eyes of those who see you.


For working Mom’s and Dad’s , they can do 3 things that will improve your child’s health and your relationship.


  1. Put all technological interference aside. Being involved with your children’s activity & give quality time. Quality over quantity.
  2. Leave work at work. Bringing work home will alienate you, your spouse and your children. If you must set time for work, set the time aside away from people and asking yourself if this is truly urgent or if it can wait to the next day.
  3. Invest the time on yourself. Satisfied and happy behavior rubs itself off on others and leaves a mutually beneficial effect on others. A Fathers happiness due to work performance and satisfaction reduces the risk of behavioral problems, Mothers on the other hand sprea the residual benefits to others when they are taking care of themselves.

With the children source of influence being grateful, children sow the seeds of gratefulness. The parents soon reap the benefits and the cycle resumes.

It is important that working parents help each other with communication. No disturbance that will divert your attention.

By showing these small efforts, you are sure to see immediate results in your relationships with your children, spouse and everyone around you.


Thank you and goodnight


3 things to do when you learn she’s pregnant.

How to stay calm and manage expectations

This is probably the most asked question in the world when faced with a life changing event. I remember when my wife came to me, flushed red cheeks with a mixed expression of excitement and doom.

The moment she dropped the bomb, I was literally blown away. “Are you serious?! You’re pregnant?!”

She couldn’t help but nod, scarlet colored cheeks glowing as her nervous smile stretches from ear to ear. What a sight to see.

I never thought about this question before and how I would react when “that” question would come. No one ever could. Once that spotlight hits you, you’re the star of the show. Anticipate the bar of expectation to be set high.

Whether it’s wanted or not, you are expected to deliver a certain commitment and fast because you have a partner who is afraid and afraid to be alone. This is when being responsible is key to your well being and integrity.

How can you handle this?

  1. Don’t be a jerk – Be Empathetic
    1. You may think it’s a joke but she isn’t joking. Be supportive and talk it over. Understand her wants and desires and have her understand yours. No voice = no choice.
  2. Commit
    1. If you want this kid, commit commit commit. Nothing kills trust faster than someone who is non-committal. If you don’t want it, say it early and directly. Beating around the bush won’t do jack and will only inflict more harm later.
  3. Prepare
    1. No matter which choice you take, prepare for a bumpy ride. Even when making no choice not all, it is a choice. Just remember that each choice has its benefits and downfalls, consider them wisely.

This is the greatest and shocking news you will ever get in your life. The coming of life is a sign of your life passing on to another. This great transition from freedom to responsibility is a hard choice to make. Keep in mind though that this can be the most fulfilling times yet. You’ll never know until you try.


The 3 steps to dealing with a child’s meltdown and reconnecting with them

“I hate you!” She screamed at me. As soon as she has said it, she covered her mouth and was stunned on what she said. Stammered, she quickly said “I didn’t mean to say that!” in a shocked look on her face.

She was starting to tear up and she probably believed that she would be punished terribly.

I was impressed by what was said. More so on what followed. The instant regret that came with it and saw she was petrified.

I stared at my little girl calmly and was quiet for some seconds. I knew that I couldn’t let this slide and say “it’s nothing”. It would be a terrible precedence that could have horrible consequences later if left to itself.

Opting for a humane approach; I took a deep breath and I said to my girl “Sweetheart” in a soft but assertive voice “This isn’t going to be a punishment. However I want you to your room and think about what you have said”

At hearing this, her eyes started to well-up with emotions and she shivered in her frozen composure. Then she started to crumble with protests. “But Daddy, this wasn’t what I meant” she was in a meltdown mode and the best thing I could do was to give her space for a good 5-10 minutes.

I looked at this as an opportunity to build my relationship with my daughter of 6 years old and I needed to hold myself in a stable state of mind. Nothing can screw raising children more than screaming, hurting and lowering your child’s state of trust.

I know she didn’t mean it because I recognize ego when it rears it’s ugly head.

Ego can appear very early in children and can be an awful foe when left unchecked and unbridled. Though I am against corporal punishment like spanking and such, it doesn’t mean I don’t have an arsenal of tools to use when children under my care decide to go rogue. It appear James Bond, where you have a large choice of weapons to choose. However to have this firepower, it all came through R&D (research and development)

Just as an example, It sucks to be faced with a child who has a temper tantrums and worst, in public. We can feel really powerless when kids pull the stuff they do and their taste of power will give them wings and run with it until they can’t anymore or hit a wall. some cases though, may never stop.

Though I am not a clinician or a professional nanny from a high-end boarding school, I know my stuff. It takes practice, for 100% sure. Yet, rather try and hit 50% of the time and refine as you go then not try and miss each time.

Now in the kitchen, I am hearing my daughter in her room crying and babbling gibberish that got scrambled during the meltdown of her state of mind.

Now how should I approach this? Let me share:

1. Remain calm

Terrible things happen when we let our emotions get the better of us. Especially when our feelings get hurt or series of stresses (stressors) which amplify our anxiety of loss of control. The leviathan we call the ego has been stirred and will rage on this little being and it will be brutal(for some tragic). What do do? Before you engage with anyone or anything, calm the “self” down. When brought to one’s attention early enough, we can catch ourselves in the process of getting a rising from an entity and return back to consciousness.

For more on the ego and how to deal with it, I recommend to look into Eckhart Tolle and his philosophy of being in presence.

2. Judge fairly

Pondering on what was said, it was if no surprise that this caused pain in my daughter. She knew what she said wasn’t right and her method of communication was off. Reminding myself that it was not me but the context she was critiquing. Already my daughter has a busy week and from that loaded schedule, she is encouraged on her free time to do some small 10-15 minute activities (i.e reading or writing). This of course is rarely received with enthusiasm. Yet, this is needed for her.

When her fun time was up, I told her it’s time to read 10 minutes.

Note: I gave her an advance notice that I was going to do this with her and she seemed rather compliant to my plan.

Once it came to bring her to task however, she turned against it. Albeit the interruption of her play-time wasn’t welcomed and that she felt it more as a punishment.

I insisted we needed to do this and that 10 minutes won’t be long before she can resume her activities. At that moment when descending the stairs, while muttering to herself, she uttered out loud those heavy words.

We can argue that she had a Freudian-slip and didn’t realized she was talking out-loud. She nonetheless spoke the words she instantly regretted it. By using this moment as a learning opportunity, I can concentrate on the next step; resolution.

3. Connect

Looking at my watch and seeing 10minutes was fast approaching, I waited on the moment when she began to slow down. Sure enough, it began slowly and when I felt it was the right moment, I called her out of her room. As I knelt on the ground and being eye level with her as she stepped out of her room with swelled-red eyes. She walked towards me as I opened my arms and she held on tightly to me. “Daddy, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to say that.” After a pause in her words came, I told her that what she said hurts a lot and I know that it wasn’t her speaking but her ego.

This was truly a bonding experience I enjoy with my daughter because these are the moments she will suck up the lesson like a sponge. This lesson was a simple one, Think before you speak.

By having this connection with a child, you open yourself up to an honestly open discussion on what happened.

In your own way, you explain on what happened, what you observed and how it was interpreted. Asking also what they felt and helping them express the raw emotions with appropriate words. By talking with your child at eye level, you are allowing for an open feedback and learn a lot from it as the child will learn from you.

After following through with a disciplinary act, it is paramount that connection is reestablished. Just like a pairing of the ear buds with the phone, you must connect before you can use. I personally hugged it out and let her feel that unconditional love. Physical contact is powerful, especially when a tumultuous incident has occurred and emotions are high. When taking someone in, you show that you are open to listen and learn from each other and make things better than before.

Pop Quiz: When was the last time you had a big fight and how it was influenced by emotions?

Emotions will run high and will run into a brick wall. This is expected because we are emotional creatures.

Personally, it comes often even though I’m pragmatic by nature. How about you? Being aware of the emotional biases will increase the likelihood of you staying calm during a storm. Not taking it personally is a big help because the person whom you are talking to is probably not aware of what he or she is doing. Give it time for the air the cool down and connect, judging the consequence in a manner which fits the transgression. Following Karl Rogers approach by listening and doing it intently is also helpful. When sharing your point of views, do it in a position of love.

In the end, we all want our relationships to be healthy and stable. In order to do this, we need to have the downs as much as the ups because it is that which helps us grow. We grow better when we stick together and we are all students in the school we call life.

The 3 things overtime doesn’t buy back

Welcome back fellow readers!

It has been a hectic year which I was occupied during a literal supply chain hell. If Covid, Lockdown and Suez Canal don’t ring the bell, then you’ve been living in a cave and in for a rude awakening.

During this time, I have invested many hours to make the chain of supply work and function as best as it could despite the situation which weighs heavier on everyone as it prolongs itself like a bad soap opera..

The hardest decision I made was placing my family on the sidelines so the boat doesn’t flounder during these….complicated times.

I can now say that this was an ill-invested endeavor which I undertook.

For a year now, I have been raging against a menace at work; the extra hours I dug the trenches in the hopes to keep the line from falling. Little did I know, the line fell long before I received the communique and now I am behind enemy lines.

This is a friendly reminders to all the friendlies out-there that we are pawns on the board, long decided to be canon fodder and expendable at a moments notice.

Don’t believe that the overtime that you funnel your time and energy will spare you from the rat race of the ivory tower. To consecrate that god-given gift to something which is beneath your values is a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the soul. This is a slow death for anyone and is equivalent to selling your soul to the devil himself. What for?

You can come up with the usual suspects; family and security, success or self-gratifying jerk of the shtick. You name it.

The biggest culprit in ; ego.

It is often said that the ego has a mind of it’s own and I truly believe this. Out of the many things we have done in our lifetime, would we have acted differently if we were emotionally divest? The answer has often surprised me and I think I am not alone with this assumption.

Now turning to the victim of these decisions, it doesn’t take a mad genius to know what suffers.

  1. physical health

The first thing that your long hours at the desk can impact is your health. Nothing can kill a healthy man (or woman, or person…whatever is your thing….) faster than immobility. The long hours of staring in the abyss we call the computer screen and burning up the many precious minutes for useless meetings and conference calls. Granted, there are important meetings that we should not miss and should be manageable to fit in your “normal” working hours. However, we always believe that the hours working extra will bring us extra mileage. As far as my experience goes, it doesn’t. I am guilty of this crimes against families and something else; taking the bloody work with me home. what suffers?

How does this correlate to your health? It quite simple. When we work those extra hours, we could of been investing in something worthwhile. Not necessarily family but something for us. We all need an outlet to vent and to deescalate the day at work. Proven to be reinforcing the immune system and increasing the levels of happiness and fulfillment.

These activities can include;

  • Gym/sports
    • Not watching it but granted, it does provide a good distraction
  • Hobbies
    • Martial Arts / boxing
    • Bowling
    • hunting
    • carpentry
    • races (long distance runs or Triathlons)

This is just to mention a few and there are a great deal of other activities that will make you enjoy life more and not worry about the challenges that we are facing daily.

Now looking back now and connecting the dots, I realize it wasn’t necessary in the end. It is never too late to start. It doesn’t matter what you start or when. What matters is that you start.

2. Mental health

Mental health is an unspoken taboo which is only growing due to the increasing anxiety caused by the pandemic. With governments decreeing laws on vaccines and political and social unrest that follow. Plus work is making you worried about the future of the job and all the backlogs in everything is surely making everyone…well, mad.

Burn out is an increasing epidemic among males. Higher number of males are consuming recreational drugs and alcohol in order to cope/escape the deep emotions of powerlessness. The families will feel this and in consequence, the work is “coming home with you”. Worse then a virus, you can’t relieve a home of problems at work and it is highly recommended to do the above mentioned activities above in order to flip the switch in that skull of yours. Parents, this is especially true for your young children who are witness to your toils and tribulations. When they watch you suffer, they will believe in their minds that this isn’t for them and that work is a terrible, awful thing that only causes misery. (truthfully, this is the case for a grand majority of people working.)

There is a movement taking root now within organizations to combat the effect of stress and prevent burnout. The growing number of people who can enjoy the fruits of such labors and share to spread the vitality resilient employees and how this ethos can help build a strong foundation within a new or open company.

3. Spiritual health

In a world of diverse creeds, the greatest tragedy is the person who lost all belief or hope that there is a future. A slow decaying death from within is hard to watch and yet, we cannot help but wonder what would push someone to let themselves fall into the abyss.

I personally believe that the idea of God has been played in too many ways which can confuse and enrage people because of the lack of faith in the Supreme power.

Could it be that the belief we have of God is ridiculous? Perhaps.

Can it be possible that the doctrine handed down for generations are methods of manipulating the masses? It is likely.

However when we feel God, can we not help but acknowledge his presence within?

It may be sacrilegious what I am writing. Yet, witnessing the many trials and challenges, I could have faltered, most certainly. I was the lost sheep who was separated from the flock. It was God though who came and brought me back in his arms.

There was a time that I believed I wasn’t worthy of His love. What I failed to see was, his love was me.

Learn to act in love and to love with action.

In conclusion, we are all suffering. While we suffer, we can conjure the strength to make our lives tolerable by finding meaning while we create our path to peace.

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The 5 things I learned from; The Essence of Budo by Dave Lowry

An Plus Exclusive available on Audible

Once upon a driving dazy, I was listening to Dave Lowry.

Tuning into his book, The Essence of Budo, and I really got into the audiobook.

It was quite informative about several aspects of Martial Arts and their most often misconceptions.

1. Karate, Judo and MMA are technically speaking not martial arts.

How?! Consider that feudal Japan was a country riffed with regional strife and the different fighting arts were a method to maintain a certain discipline for the warrior class Samurai. The arts of Kendo and Archery were methods of combat that was actively in use. Being in the state of preparedness was a necessity to maintain a Martial discipline. Karate for instance wasn’t a discipline taught until brought from Okinawa in the 19th century.

2. Bushido was an over-simplification by a Japanese Christian scholar and often romanticized so westerners could understand better the way of life of the Samurai. The code of conduct existed but was treated more like guidelines instead of actual rules.

3. Samurais were often administrators or engineers. What?! Yes, was suprised myself by this revelation. Since fielding an army was a costly and resource intensive affair, the feudal lords would only employ the army when the need was there. So in order to maintain the Samurai class to serve their Daimyo, these warriors were educated to serve and act out their class functions. Miyamoto Musashi was an engineer by profession. Awesome fact.

4. License to kill; revenge killings was allowed to do but with conditions. 1. You had to get permission from the local lord. 2. Given a timeline to do it. During this time, the local lord would compensate the revenge seeker during his absence of his duty. failure to follow procedure, property was confiscated and future employment opportunities would be hampered.

5. The learning process and the learning curve can varybetween students, seniors and teachers.

I highly recommend this book. Awesome listen. My favorite part was learning how to “bake a cake” great analogy.


Gr8t Dad podcast trailer

A tesla studio recording

I still don‘t know what I am doing

But i know why I am doing it…

To empower the working moms and dads to be unstoppable Th-under dogs.

Stay tuned

3 tips to help you clean your house and maintaining it without an Iron fist!

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This episode will cover 3 tips you can use to establish order in your house and how to easily maintain it with ease. With real life accounts of my experience, I will give you tips of making house cleaning a therapeutic exercise.