To whoever is taking the time to read my page; first of all a big thank you. Our time these days are too precious to squander on things we don’t like and when we engage our time on something which we truly enjoy, it could be labeled as trivial or out of people’s understanding.

I empathize with you on these trying times and it is crucial that we have a clear and open dialogue. Whenever it is a preference of food, drink, local or international customs, we should be aware of the diversity which is all around us and permeates our beings with a wealth of information.

Between the jobs, raising my child or pursuing my own interest, it is clear that it is not the Sistine Chapel. However, like any great works, this will require time, patience and perseverance as daily virtues. My blogs are available to you without the show notes. That is why I put my Podcast address below.

I hope you enjoy and wish you happy listening.

Welcome to Gr8t dad, your very own website created for working couples who are entering parenthood. If you have already children, this website can serve as a platform to sort through the volume of information that is flowing on the World Wide Web.

Here at Gr8tdad, I am dialing down the amount of information into bite sized goodness that you can enjoy on your free time.  Enjoy your stay.